Annual Report 2019 – 2020

Service is our motto .Education is supreme.- Yes with this same in our mind and soul, Our ARR educational institutions un arguably the multi- faceted schools in Kumbakonam is journeying through the 48th year of inception and our ARR SLV CBSE school is treading its 7th year in imparting quality in teaching and novelty in teaching are unique.

About Our Arr Slv and Our Vision

Our vision is to provide quality education to promote intellectual, social and cultural diversity among learners. It provides a joyful and stress-free learning environment that will develop competence, self-confidence and enterprising citizens who will promote harmony and peace. Our students enjoy a colourful studenthood and no one can ever take off the memories of every minute that they spent in our school campus.

We are proud that our school is affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi in this academic year. Our school has been doing a well- reformed education system both in academic and co- curricular activities like art,craft,yoga,music,dance,skating,taekwondo,karate,silambam,chess,carrom and table tennis.

Salient Features of Our School

Excellent infrastructure , Digitalized classrooms , innovative and inspiring faculties , well –equipped modern Language , math, Computer and science labs. Hi-tech Robotics lab . A new venture Abacus Class, Indoor stadium

Gymnastic Hall

Transport facility in and around Kumbakonam , Personalized care

Montessori system with a Mont – lab

House systems to promote spontaneous growth , loyalty , healthy competition and team spirit.

Massive library with 5000 volume of books.

Integrated Foundation Course for NEET & JEE

Staff Enrichment Program

Our teachers constantly strive to stay updated , by attending workshops and various training programs. Such as,

  • “Exxello” trainers conducted Training for all the staff regarding career guidance and communication skills
  • KG to Grade2 Teachers training by Next Education
  • Training for teachers by I Can Publishers
  • Capacity Building Programme (CBP) by CBSE
  • Innovative education for all subjects
  • Hub of learning
  • Nodal Examiner Training
  • Karadi Path Training Programme for story telling
  • E-DAC training for teachers
  • Annual Pedagogical Plan


Let me now take you through a short journey of the activities and achievements of our ARR kids. We celebrate the emotions and humanitarian concepts by celebrating colours day , Theme based celebrations, Awareness Programs , Various festivals , Yoga day, National celebrations ,Literary association ,World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, National Leaders birthday , Founders day ,Teachers day and First Mock Convocation Day & sports day & E DAC day.

Glimpse of Activities and Achievements

We are focusing towards the students improvement in both academics as well as co-curricular activities throughout the year. Our school has conducted a rally on World Environment day, National Education Day and Jal Shakthi Abiyan. Student Election was conducted to select the school people leader. Field and fun trips were organised for Children to Darasuram Temple. Children were also taken to Thanjavur for centenary celebration of Saraswathi Library. Our School trust has conducted Dental screening Camp by our Alumini ARR for our kids, Free Eye camp Collaborated with Aravind Hospital , Madurai and Cardiac camp Porur Ramachandra Hospital,Chennai for the public welfare.Regular Health Screening was conducted in our school for the children.

Inter School Competitions

Our students have participated in many inter school competitions.

Le Seintilla conducted state level Drawing , Colouring and Hand writing competition and our students have achieved 27 prizes.
Krishna Jayanthi Committee Conducted Recitation, Elocution, Fancy Dress,Music and Drawing Competition and our kids have achieved 52 prizes.
Swami Dhayananda college organized an inter school competition our school has received prizes in Tamil and English Poem ,Tamil Elocution and Instrumental .
Zest 0’19 Spark & Dice Institution Conducted Elocution competitions , Abacus and Group Dance Our students won 9 prizes.
Chuttivikatan and IIAFT organized Inter school quiz competition and our kids have received 9 prizes.
Inter school competition was held at , Thanjavur district Our student Santhosh of grade 8 won 2nd prize in Instrumental
District level Inter School Competition In poem Composing , Spray Painting and Origami Our children won 4 prizes.
Kumbakonam conducted Inter school competition in Drawing ,Music and Elocution Our children received 6 prizes.
Tulsi Pharmacy Organised Inter school Handwriting competition Our kids won 3 prizes.
Our student Asif of grade 3 has got 3rd Prize in the State level Abacus competition.
Students of 9TH grade have submitted Thesis for Science Forum and also they participated in World space week Celebration Organised by “Satish Dhawan Space Centre SHAR Sriharikota (ISRO) “ held at Arasu Engineering College and won prizes in Elocution and Space Model Competition.
We are not only sound enough in Academics, Arts, Culture and Spots too.

Sports Achievement: 2019-2020

Our ARR CBSE School student go to participate in the Zonal, Inter School, Edn, District level, State level Tournament for the games of Table Tennies, Badminton, Volley Ball, Tackwondo, Skating, Silambam, Karate and etc.

Edn Dist level U12 Table Tennies (S,D) Runner
Tackwondo Gold 3
Tackwondo Silver 2
Tackwondo Bronze 1
Inter School Competition U12 Boys Table Tennis (D) Winner
Inter School Competition U12 Girls Table Tennis(D) Winner
Inter School Competition U12 Girls Table Tennis(S,D) Winner
Inter School Competition U14 Badminton (D) Runner
Skating Gold 3
Skating Silver 2
Skating Bronze 2
Silambam Gold 2
Silambam Silver 4
Silambam Bronze 4
State Level Silambam Gold 6
State Level Silambam Silver 6
State Level Silambam Bronze 4
Karate Venue (Thanjavur) Gold 1
Karate Venue (Thanjavur) Silver 2
Karate Venue (Thanjavur) Bronze 8
Karate Venue (Thiruvarur) Gold 3
Karate Venue (Thiruvarur) Silver 5
Karate Venue (Thiruvarur) Bronze 3


If anyone deserves, thanks! its you. Yes I am indebted to thank the management for what they are thus for. I wholeheartedly thank especially Our Honorable correspondent Dr.K.S.Subramaniam, Our Presidential guide Mr. A.M. vaidyanaathan, Our directorial head Mrs.V. Sukhamala mam,Our Academic guide Ms. Padmasani mam.

No doubt I have to mention our Supporters, Parents, my colleagues and non-teaching staff/our caretakers Co-Operation ,efforts and hard work for the success and smooth running .We will sustain in our ARR’S Development and work towards further success in the future

Last but never the least, Our supporters were my key to the success in this year.

We introduced the AKASH institute who stands one among the Top 25 coaching center, for the basic foundation course, to our students.