ARR SLV’s Curriculum

Pre Primary:

  • Montessari Education

ARR SLV follows Montessori Method of education for our Kindergarten students based on self-directed activity, hands-on learning and collaborative play. Children enjoy the age-appropriate creative choices in their learning.

  • Integrated Teaching

ARR SLV brings children from all religious and cultural traditions together within a single school community where they celebrate diversity and inclusivity.  We aim to provide a balanced education, educating students to understand and respect all cultural and religious backgrounds.


  • Integrated Education

ARR SLV follows a unique approach where the students gather prior knowledge and experiences to support new knowledge and experiences. By doing this, learners draw on their skills and apply them to new experiences at a more complex level. The process of making connections among concepts and experiences allows their skills to be applied to novel and complex issues or challenges.

  • Skill based Education

Middle School

  • Skill based learning
  • Activity based learning
  • CBSE guidelines

Secondary & Senior Secondary

  • CBSE guidelines