Chocolate Day

Do you want to impress a kid? It’s so simple. Just offer the kiddo a chocolate.

Chocolates are the symbol of love & sweetness. ARR SLV spreads its warmth and pleasantness by celebrating the chocolate day on July 10, 2023 in a scrumptious way.

This tantalizing day was fully hosted by the students of Grade II and III. It was so mesmerizing to listen to the little anchors. Gorgeous dance performance of the little feet from Grade III stamped the minds of audience. Veracious Talents of Grade II stunned the minds of spectators with their Speech. Thunderous string rays of Grade I captured the hearts with their cute rhymes.

Chocolates are believed to increase the efficiency of the brain and the nervous system. They act as a stress reliever and controls mood swings to a greater extent.

Our lovely chocolates of ARR SLV really beset the audience with happiness, joy and sweetness.

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