Colour Day – Colour Splash @ ARR SLV

The first step to happiness is to create it by bringing in a new change in life, by spending the day in a more colourful 🌈and beautiful way. Little changes make a big difference in a child’s life🎯.

SLVians of Primary classes actively participated in various colour day activities.
The significance of colours reiterated through a series of activities such as beautiful butterflies🦋, colourful fishes🐋, bright sun☀️, along with enjoying their own matching healthy food🫕

All children and teachers dressed up in the same colour – Colour of the day 🍇🍓🍋🫐.
School is something that constitutes most of our childhood, and education is something that lasts for a lifetime. Make sure your children are placed in the right school for a brighter future.

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